What you Must Know Before Automating your Instagram Account

Social Media has become an important marketing channel for most brands today. Whereas all the platforms have their perks, Instagram seems to be gaining an edge over the others. It has evolved tremendously since the takeover by Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg. Even so, you need a large following in order to give your brand attention and credibility.

Therefore, you need to have a sound engagement strategy on Instagram to grow your account. As a result of the ever-advancing technology, you can choose to automate your Instagram account and interact with other users through a bot.  But before you do so, here is what you need to know;

One Bot at a Time

Avoid using multiple bots at the same time, by all means. That is because the risk of getting flagged and banned increases significantly. This can even get worse if you have or decide to use an auto-comment bot. Auto commenting is intrusive and can cause ill-will between you and other users.

Choose carefully

When it comes to choosing a bot, you need to first consider the features you need. There are so many bots available for your Instagram interaction, including Bootsify, Spire, Instavast, and Boostly.io among others. Different bots have different perks, thus, choose according to your marketing needs. If you only want to like other people’s posts, look for an auto-like bot. Nevertheless, since you don’t get them for free either, consider the cost of each bot and compare with the reward its bound to bring.

Know your target

It’s important to start off on the right foot if you want your brand to get the recognition you need on Instagram. First and foremost, know the audience you are targeting. This mostly depends on the niche you choose for your Instagram account. For instance, if your brand is in the beauty industry, you are likely to target beauty enthusiasts or people who are interested in that niche. Also, target any hashtags that have anything to do with beauty. Secondly, if your brand is in a specific location, your target audience should be people from and around that location.

Overall, automation should be used as a means to scale up your manual efforts on Instagram. Spend your time researching to learn about your audience and ensure that the tactics you intend to use with automation have been tried manually. Instagram bots need to be programmed and handled with care, otherwise, you will get your account flagged and eventually banned. When that happens, it will not only be bad for your marketing strategy, but also for your brand as well.