Use Your Business website to Gain Leverage over Your Competition

Selling products online can be a huge challenge. One of the biggest reasons that lead to low sales is the issue of consumer drop-off. This is an unavoidable issue that comes up when a customer, after adding items to the cart, doesn’t pay for them. Research has shown that 7 out of 10 incidences of drop-offs occur during the checkout process. This is why it is vital to have professional web design services to mitigate this. Here are some of the design approaches that make the checkout process effective, thereby boosting the rate of business conversion.

Simple and Short

You need to give your customers a short and simple checkout process. The main objective of the customer is to checkout and move on to other tasks. Don’t distract your customers with excess ads and other available deals. Doing this might make the customer lose interest and opt for other deals instead. Make sure you only ask for information necessary to complete the purchase. In case you wish to ask for additional information, do so after the purchase.

Avoid Hidden Costs

The customer knows from the prices you have on the item description what he is supposed to pay for the item. If upon checkout he notices that the price is more than what he expects, he will opt to buy from another site. Make sure you are straightforward with the charges so that you retain the customer till the end.

Have a Progress Indicator

Let the customer know how far he is with the purchase process. Integrating a progress indicator helps your customers to know how much more information they have to provide in order to complete the purchase. The indicator works as a guide for the customer to know how far he has gone. One of the ways to make sure that you have a progress indicator is to work with a professional web designer.

Have a Billing Option

Make sure you have a billing information page at the end of the whole checkout process. This lets them re-check their order before they click on the “purchase” button.

Final Thoughts

Before you can start selling products, you need to have a way for customers to check out their purchases. Whether you are selling an affiliate product or your own items, make sure your customers take the shortest period to close the sales. You can get a fully-fledged website with a reliable checkout system for a short period or for longer from