Top Lipstick Shades for Winter, and How to Nail the Perfect Look

Globally, there is no makeup product that is more dearly loved than lipstick. Some people maintain a signature shade that they apply religiously, while others uphold a wide range of shades that they put on regular rotation. However, when cold weather kicks in, most of us change to a low-maintenance lipstick routine. The bad thing is you might find yourself stuck in this mode even when winter is long over. The solution? Turn on the glam by throwing on one of the favorite lipstick colors recommended by

Ingris by NARS

Imagine stepping out with your lips a deep, dark red color with a sultry radiant finish. The lipstick is packed with moisturizer to keep your lips soft in this time when lip cracking is second nature. Wear it on a night out to bring out the provocative hues, irresistible to your admirers.

Easy to apply, you can also choose the lipstick when planning to travel. It is also long wearing, helping you preserve your look for hours on end.

Bite Beauty amuse Bouche in Molasses

Expect extreme moisture, creamy wear for hours and soft texture when you apply this lipstick. The citrus-like scent adds a luxurious feel to the whole coat. The lipstick spreads over your lips in a silky smooth way, staying compact and even all day. You don’t have to fear the shade if you are of fair skin. This shade is perfectly balanced and not so far in the orange spectrum.

Smashbox Black Cherry Be Legendary

You add to your day a deep berry with just a hint of red undertones. The lipstick gives you a fine shimmer that is just the right shade without seeming metallic. The texture is smooth with some slip, meaning you can apply it without the annoying tug on the lips. Five hours or more are guaranteed for this shade, complete with hydrating properties that keep your lips moist and soft all through.

Takeaway Tips to Nail the Look

Even with the perfect shade of lipstick, you need to add in some details to complete the look. Pair the dark lipstick with neutral colors and some eyeliner. Blush gives the arrangement a rosy tone. Use a dark lip liner to add some definition to your lips. Liner also makes your lipstick to stand out and helps you achieve different looks with the same shade of lipstick. You can add some lip gloss to add some shine for a provocative look.