The Difference Between Discount Dental Plans and Dental Insurance

A discount dental plan is a membership program for individuals and families who want to save cash on some of the expensive dental care procedures such as dental implants surgery. This plan is an affordable alternative to the traditional dental insurance.  You’re required to pay an annual fee – the amount differs from plan to plan- after which you get a membership card which allows you to receive dental services at discounted prices whenever you visit participating dental care providers.   Depending on the discount dental plan you choose, you can save 10%- 60% of the initial dental service cost.

Is a discount dental plan different from a dental insurance plan?

While both help you save money on your dental care, discount dental plans are not to be confused with dental insurance: These two plans have many differences regarding their benefits and payment options.  Like any other health insurance plans, dental insurance plans have co-pays, waiting period, deductibles, and paperwork and policy maximums. The insurance offsets your dental bill up to the stated premium

On the other hand, with a discount dental plan, there is no waiting period since most of the plans activate within three business days. Also, there are no annual maximums meaning that you get to enjoy dental services all year long. With discount dental plans, unlike the insurance plans, no one pays your dental expenses; you pay for yourself but at a significantly cheaper rate than the person without a plan.

What if you have an insurance plan already?

Having a dental insurance plan doesn’t disqualify you from using a discount dental plan. Although it’s impossible to use an insurance plan and a discount dental plan for the same procedure, you can organize with your dentist on how to coordinate treatment using both the insurance plan and the discount dental plan. Generally, not all dental services are covered by an insurance plan so for such, having a discount dental plan comes in handy. Furthermore, you can always use a discount dental plan once you have reached the annual maximum on your insurance plan.

Most families skip dental visits due to the expensive dental costs, yet dentists recommend that one should have at least 2 check-ups, 2 cleanings sand 1 set of x-rays annually. A discount dental plan helps you not miss these necessary dental procedures. Of importance is to find an ideal discount dental plan that suits your needs and budget.