Tea and coffee cups. Fundamental differences.

Tea or coffee? It is very difficult to determine a winner in in this long-term dispute. Today, it seems, like it is parity and therefore there is no need to adduce arguments in favor of this or that drink. But question about its containers is not decided. Here you will find about the difference between the tea and coffee cup.

There is no deficiency in tableware today. Therefore many gourmets holding a neutrality in a dispute of coffee-achievers with fans of tea has to have ware for all occasions. That is one for tea, another for coffee, and a third for other drinks. Probably, many will object, but why it is necessary to divide into general cups of tea and coffee? By the way, you can find more about recent coffee cup models at www.mydemitasse.com

Tea and coffee drinks are through penetrated by the spirit of traditions. If almost everyone knows about eastern tea traditions remotely not many knows about coffee conventions. However, there is also such tradition and it still exists. Its roots originate in the medieval African country – Ethiopia. For those who do not know – it a country which acquainted the rest of the world with coffee.

Traditions of preparation and serving of tea and coffee were also reflected in a form of mugs for these drinks. For example, it is not considered bad manners to have tea from a drinking bowl. However, when it comes to coffee it is differently not necessary to be done. Therefore, a traditional tea cup represents a drinking bowl with the handle.

As for coffee cups, they considerably concede tea in volume. Such form originates all from the same traditions. If family and another tea drinking could take place for hours, then it cannot consider the same about a coffee sit-round gathering. The capacity of a coffee cup depends on in direct ratio to fortresses of the taken drink. The more intensive coffee presumes less the capacity of a cup. The coffee mug for espresso has to be of 80-100 ml. Coffee orientally spreads in cups of 50-70 ml, and for cappuccino — 50 ml.

Saucers for coffee cups look more original. Unlike tea, they cannot have to deepen in the middle.

Teacups have the form of “a drinking bowl with the handle”. Their volume usually varies from 200 to 250 ml. In the Chinese option, tea mugs are supplied with a cover. Teacups intend for tea but can be quite used also for other hot drinks: cocoa, chocolate, and also coffee with cream. Tea couple (a saucer and a cup) has a special design. So, the saucer in tea couple has deepening that from here it is possible to be to drink. Tea couple can be bright enough: in the drawing on walls bright paints are used, the ornament can cover not only an external but also internal part of walls.

Tea and coffee cups most often make of porcelain. This material is rather strong and well holds heat. For purification of porcelain of a tea or coffee raid, it is possible to use soda or solution of vinegar.