Reasons to Wear Matte Lipstick Today For Every Dress and Garment in Your Closet

Glossy lipstick is suitable for evening events. For all day long, you can choose from the shades of matte lipstick. You can find funky shades like pink, mauve, tangerine, brown, tan, and violet.

Blue, green, yellow, and other colors are suitable for a creative session than daily use. A matte lipstick also looks understated and professional compared to the glossy lipstick. You will not be drawing unnecessary attention to yourself when you wear a matte lipstick.

More working women prefer matte lipstick

There are several tones and shades in matte lipstick available on Lovely Lips that is suitable for working women of all age groups. It also goes well with most of the skin tone and makeup. You don’t have to think a lot before choosing a shade for formal or informal occasions. Also, a matte lipstick makes the lips look naturally shaded, especially, when you use lighter shades or shades of pink.

Matte lipsticks stay long

  • One of the reasons why many women prefer using a matte lipstick is because you don’t have to keep dabbing it frequently
  • When you use a gloss lipstick, it can leave marks on containers while consuming any beverage
  • A matte makes your face look elegant, and a glossy lipstick adds that oomph factor
  • Also, a matte lipstick does not smudge like the glossy one
  • When you choose a darker shade of a matte lipstick, you don’t require any other makeup

Stand out with matte shades

A matte lipstick shade even in the color of scarlet red gives a distinctive look. You can look charming and graceful using any shade of this tone of lipstick. You can also use a primer on top of the matte shade, if you want to give it a moderately shiny look.


Whether you are a professional model from the glamour industry or a working professional in a corporate, a matte shade can never go wrong. This is your safest bet when you do not want to commit a fashion faux paus.