Picture Formats for Your Instagram Posts

Picture Formats for Your Instagram Posts

Businesses can benefit a lot from utilizing Instagram as a photo-sharing platform. After all, you can promote your brand by posting images of your company’s clients, products, and staff. However, some people are not posting the appropriate image formats in their Instagram, and you do not want to end up like them. Start with these tips that you can guide you to¬†maximize the quality of your posts.

File Types Supported by Instagram

Although there are various image file types available, only JPEG and PNG are allowed on Instagram. JPEG supports high-resolution images despite its small file size, but it comes with the downside of not being able to upsize without affecting the image quality. Another type is the PNG, which also supports high-resolution photos, but come with a larger size than JPEG. Furthermore, PNG is great for website pictures since it is transparent, but it also makes solid Instagram images. Overall, you can opt for PNG if you prefer higher quality, since it is a lossless compression, while you can stick with JPEG if you want a small file size.

Maximum Image Size

Keep in mind that you should post images that are within the supported resolution of the platform. If you do so, you can ensure that your photos will not look blurry. Anyway, the maximum resolution for Instagram is 2,048 x 2,048 pixels, which is quite high enough for most images. However, 510 x 510 pixels is the standard resolution for the Photo Feed, so do not go further below that.

Image Limitations

Since Instagram is a social network for mobile phones, it is best that images come from the mobile app for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS. Thus, you should post photos to your Instagram profile either through the platform’s built-in camera or from your smartphone’s camera app.

Other Instagram Features

Instagram has various extra features, such as filters and other customizations. You can check more about them online so that you can further leverage the options you have on the platform. If you wish to find a follow feature, look at IncomeArtist.com, as they discuss such topics.


There are various things to consider to when posting images on Instagram. You can post only JPEG and PNG file types, and the resolution limit is 2,048 x 2,048 pixels maximum and 510 x 510 pixels minimum to keep your photos optimized. Lastly, since the platform caters to mobile devices, it is best that you upload through the Instagram application through your phone.