How to Choose a Lipstick and A Few Common Mistakes to avoid while applying it

A little lipstick on the lips can add oomph to any kind of outfit, but when applied the wrong way, it can make you look unappealing.

Some mistakes to avoid

Forget or ignore exfoliation

According to Lovely Lips, good makeup starts with appropriate skin prep and even your lips need to be exfoliated. Buffing it with damp warm towel helps in removing the dead skin cells and also makes the lip surface smooth. Lipsticks never stay long on chapped and dry lips. Use gentle scrub that contains moisturizing peppermint oil for that lovely lips.

Rehydrate the lips

Lovely lips can be achieved easily, if you rehydrate them, before applying lipstick. Moisturising the lip surface helps to smooth the fine lines and this holds the lipstick colour efficiently.

Selecting wrong shade

Sea of shades is displayed on the shelves, which makes it a challenging to choose, especially for beginners. Wrong selection of shade can make your complexion look dull or you may appear all washed out. There are colours that everyone can wear but be careful, while choosing nudes. Select in accordance to your undertone and skin tone. Try them out before purchasing.

Light lipstick and dark lip-liner

Lip-liner prevents the lipstick from bleeding outside. Today, the trend is to wear lip liner that matches your lipstick. However, you can try going light on outline and dark in the inside, which can make your lips look fuller. Moreover, celebrities apply lip-liner before the lipstick, all over their lips and then again it is applied on top to glue the colour into the lips. It makes the colour ultra-dense.

Painting above lines

Lip-liner is basically used to avoid the lipstick from bleeding, but many girls tend to overdraw it. Overdrawing means sketching according to lip shape using the lip-liner. Wearing lipstick over natural lip-line can make you look older. Make use of lip brush to avoid painting over the lines, especially girls will thin lips need to be careful.

Lipstick transferred on teeth

It is not an appealing scene, but you can avoid lipstick transfer on teeth by not applying it excessively. Blot away with tissue paper instantly after application.

Too much lip gloss

Wearing a lip gloss over the lipstick is good, but it can be disastrous, if not applied with care. Lip gloss fade or move away, if applied a lot and can move the lip colour with it. Therefore, apply lip gloss lightly on the lip centre.