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Help Someone Get Over Substance Abuse

3 Ways You Can Help Someone Get Over Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is a matter that you need to take seriously. If someone you know is addicted to alcohol, narcotics, and/or other substances, you should know that they are victims.

Sure, this problem might have been their fault at some point. But because they reached the point of addiction, avoid playing the blame game. Instead, be empathic.

And in the event that you want to lend them a hand, here’s what you can do.

1: Let Them Accept Their Situation

They’re addicted to a substance and it’s causing them harm. That’s what the situation is and that’s how you give them the news.

Don’t include unnecessary information or detailed assessments. If you do, there’s a possibility of them getting confused or unresponsive. And it will lead to them not receiving the news.

It’s important to let them in on their situation so they can accept the fact that they are ill. And more importantly, they can take the initiative of seeking treatment.

If they ask further questions about their substance abuse, that’s your cue to tell them more.

2: Get Additional Support

Having you around will remind them that they’re not alone. And if they have other loved ones, try contacting those people and let them help.

Doing such a gesture will greatly boost the morale of those suffering from substance abuse. Seeing their loved ones – lots of them – will increase their confidence.

And somehow, receiving moral support gives them a much better shot at winning their fight with abuse. The more people who cheer them on, the better.

3: Encourage Them to Get Healthy

The idea is to encourage them – and not coerce them into it. Letting it come from them is better.

This works wonders because it helps them focus on the right things. Albeit indirectly, it teaches them to ditch the unhealthy habits that are doing nothing but harm.

It also helps them get in great shape. And if they’re in great shape, of course, they have a higher level of strength to overcome their battle!

For starters, tell them about the good things that come with eating balanced meals, getting sufficient sleep, and prioritizing mental wellness. You also shouldn’t leave out exercise.

To read more about the benefits of exercise, you may do it here.


As mentioned, you need to be serious about substance abuse. Avoid pointing fingers because it won’t accomplish anything. What you can do is be a forward-thinker and do your best to help the victims “move on and be better”.

Best Instagram Posting Practices

Best Instagram Posting Practices

If you really want people to get back to your Instagram profile you need to do a little more than just taking a photo and blindly posting it. People expect that from you, I just spoke with a photographer (a professional one), about the packages he offers, a price of two thousand dollars for five hours of shooting is rather normal so I said to him: ‘Hey, quite a lucrative business you got set up for yourself don’t you?”, to which he frowned and said he spent many hours of editing before delivering a finished product to his clients and I was like wow. Never ever thought about that.

So editing is the first thing you have to do and if you don’t know how photoshop works you know what to do. Get an online course and master it before you even think about becoming an Instagram celebrity in your niche as it doesn’t work that way.

Captions are a must do as well, but don’t over do it when you are just starting out when you have a few dozen followers no one cares about what you put in those captions, simply because they don’t care about you. In this early phase, you should only use short to-the-point descriptions what the photo is about, limit it to say 3-7 words.

Now if you become a little more famous you can make the transformation to become a micro-blogger as what they call it. People start to get hungry for some background information but starting off that way is the worst thing you can do, you really need to build this up.

When it comes to captions you also need a story to tell, that’s either entertaining, funny, or informative, some random blah blah won’t get you very far and people will feel they just wasted their time, this is something you must avoid at all costs so really give this some thought before you start filling it with a bunch of words that no one wants to read.

Another crucial thing not to miss is to include a call to action in your caption. People need to be told what to do next, if you don’t they just hopped over to the next Instagram account and if your main aim is to make some money from this platform you need to treat it like a sales funnel. Point them at your website, get them to opt-in for a more in-depth guide or whatever it is you are doing. Recurring contact is the golden key to make money online.

Never forget that.

Picture Formats for Your Instagram Posts

Picture Formats for Your Instagram Posts

Businesses can benefit a lot from utilizing Instagram as a photo-sharing platform. After all, you can promote your brand by posting images of your company’s clients, products, and staff. However, some people are not posting the appropriate image formats in their Instagram, and you do not want to end up like them. Start with these tips that you can guide you to maximize the quality of your posts.

File Types Supported by Instagram

Although there are various image file types available, only JPEG and PNG are allowed on Instagram. JPEG supports high-resolution images despite its small file size, but it comes with the downside of not being able to upsize without affecting the image quality. Another type is the PNG, which also supports high-resolution photos, but come with a larger size than JPEG. Furthermore, PNG is great for website pictures since it is transparent, but it also makes solid Instagram images. Overall, you can opt for PNG if you prefer higher quality, since it is a lossless compression, while you can stick with JPEG if you want a small file size.

Maximum Image Size

Keep in mind that you should post images that are within the supported resolution of the platform. If you do so, you can ensure that your photos will not look blurry. Anyway, the maximum resolution for Instagram is 2,048 x 2,048 pixels, which is quite high enough for most images. However, 510 x 510 pixels is the standard resolution for the Photo Feed, so do not go further below that.

Image Limitations

Since Instagram is a social network for mobile phones, it is best that images come from the mobile app for Android, BlackBerry, and iOS. Thus, you should post photos to your Instagram profile either through the platform’s built-in camera or from your smartphone’s camera app.

Other Instagram Features

Instagram has various extra features, such as filters and other customizations. You can check more about them online so that you can further leverage the options you have on the platform. If you wish to find a follow feature, look at, as they discuss such topics.


There are various things to consider to when posting images on Instagram. You can post only JPEG and PNG file types, and the resolution limit is 2,048 x 2,048 pixels maximum and 510 x 510 pixels minimum to keep your photos optimized. Lastly, since the platform caters to mobile devices, it is best that you upload through the Instagram application through your phone.

Benefits of manual meat grinder – price, reliability, simplicity.

In the majority of modern houses, it is possible to see the most up-to-date household appliances, including meat grinders. With help of such tools, it is possible to prepare any product easily and quickly – to turn meat into forcemeat, to chop vegetables and even to squeeze out the juice. However, the manual meat grinder, which price is still a serious argument has not completely fallen into the past. Yes, a large number of the serious companies (like STX and other) are engaged in the production of electric meat grinders. But nevertheless, many people consider that the manual meat grinder, which price is very serious plus still have not become a useless addition to the kitchen equipment. So it will be useful to learn about advantages of the manual meat grinder. Whether it will be able to become the best option for crushing of products?

The mechanical meat grinder principle of operation is very simple.

The mechanical meat grinder is put into action by means of the handle. The device is fixed on the edge of a table. For this purpose, the bottom of the case is equipped with legs with rubber slips and a screw clip.

The last, twisting, densely presses legs to a table-top that prevents device shift in operating time.

The handle twists a helicoid shaft on which products arrive and rotates a knife. Adjoining to a lattice, knife blades crush a product, and it comes out through openings.

What are the advantages of the manual meat grinder?

Certainly, one of the main pluses of the manual meat grinder is a price. After all, even the simplest electric meat grinders which do not have additional nozzles and functions cost from two hundred dollars. Yes, on the one hand, it is not too large sum and any person is able to spend it once for simplification of work in the kitchen. But on the other hand, if you buy the manual meat grinder, the price will be lower. It is easy to find the website or shop where it is possible to buy the new and high-quality meat grinder for only twenty dollars. That is why low price is a decisive factor for many To find more about the difference between manual and electric meat grinder visit Prepping Meat.

How can the manual meat grinder serve?

Many people after learning that manual meat grinders have low cost, decide that they differ in poor quality and would not be able to serve for a really long time. Actually it at all not a true. The matter is that the manual meat grinder differs in simplicity and even primitiveness of production. There are no difficult components. Only standard iron or steel parts. Therefore such meat grinder will be able to serve for very long time.

Tea and coffee cups. Fundamental differences.

Tea or coffee? It is very difficult to determine a winner in in this long-term dispute. Today, it seems, like it is parity and therefore there is no need to adduce arguments in favor of this or that drink. But question about its containers is not decided. Here you will find about the difference between the tea and coffee cup.

There is no deficiency in tableware today. Therefore many gourmets holding a neutrality in a dispute of coffee-achievers with fans of tea has to have ware for all occasions. That is one for tea, another for coffee, and a third for other drinks. Probably, many will object, but why it is necessary to divide into general cups of tea and coffee? By the way, you can find more about recent coffee cup models at

Tea and coffee drinks are through penetrated by the spirit of traditions. If almost everyone knows about eastern tea traditions remotely not many knows about coffee conventions. However, there is also such tradition and it still exists. Its roots originate in the medieval African country – Ethiopia. For those who do not know – it a country which acquainted the rest of the world with coffee.

Traditions of preparation and serving of tea and coffee were also reflected in a form of mugs for these drinks. For example, it is not considered bad manners to have tea from a drinking bowl. However, when it comes to coffee it is differently not necessary to be done. Therefore, a traditional tea cup represents a drinking bowl with the handle.

As for coffee cups, they considerably concede tea in volume. Such form originates all from the same traditions. If family and another tea drinking could take place for hours, then it cannot consider the same about a coffee sit-round gathering. The capacity of a coffee cup depends on in direct ratio to fortresses of the taken drink. The more intensive coffee presumes less the capacity of a cup. The coffee mug for espresso has to be of 80-100 ml. Coffee orientally spreads in cups of 50-70 ml, and for cappuccino — 50 ml.

Saucers for coffee cups look more original. Unlike tea, they cannot have to deepen in the middle.

Teacups have the form of “a drinking bowl with the handle”. Their volume usually varies from 200 to 250 ml. In the Chinese option, tea mugs are supplied with a cover. Teacups intend for tea but can be quite used also for other hot drinks: cocoa, chocolate, and also coffee with cream. Tea couple (a saucer and a cup) has a special design. So, the saucer in tea couple has deepening that from here it is possible to be to drink. Tea couple can be bright enough: in the drawing on walls bright paints are used, the ornament can cover not only an external but also internal part of walls.

Tea and coffee cups most often make of porcelain. This material is rather strong and well holds heat. For purification of porcelain of a tea or coffee raid, it is possible to use soda or solution of vinegar.

Get The Best Choice For Xmas Tree For Christmas

As the Christmas season approaches, most of the families do care about Xmas tree as it is the main center of attraction for the family, friends, visitors and kids. This is the most beautiful time of the year and all the people are eagerly waiting for the Christmas holidays to come. The Christmas tree is the symbol of Christmas and you will find it in each of the houses that do celebrate Christmas. Children are filled with joy and it seems like each one of them wants their own tree which they can decorate. But with the Christmas tree, there are many things that need to be considered. Some of those things are highlighted below.

Natural or artificial tree: Christmas tree is the main point of focus for most of the people and this is why it is being decorated with many things. But most of the people do get confused when it comes to deciding whether to go for a natural tree or go for an artificial tree. Both the trees are widely used for celebrating Christmas. Most of the families prefer to have a real Christmas tree in their house. So, they go out for shopping and buy a natural Christmas tree for themselves. A natural tree provides natural fragrance, natural look as well as makes the environment filled with a natural essence. Fir and Pine tree are the most popular of them all and are always huge in demand on Christmas season. On the other hand, artificial Christmas tree is also used widely in many families. Artificial Christmas tree is long lasting and can be used for several years after it’s moved out. These trees come readymade, all you need to do is install them in your house and use them for years. Those people who are allergic to real trees can prefer to buy these artificial trees.

Size of the tree: Before buying the Christmas tree for your home, it is important that you should consider the size of the tree where it needs to be installed and the height of the ceiling with respect to the tree. These Christmas trees are available in many sizes and height that you can choose. So, you must consider that tree which fits perfectly in your available space. You should also consider the branches of the tree as they are not going to be pressed against the wall.

Fire safety: Both artificial, as well as natural Christmas trees can catch fire at any time if proper care is not taken. So, it is better to buy a Christmas tree which is fire resistant. A small short circuit and spark can cause fire breakout in your tree. So, it is best to choose a fire resistant tree for Christmas.

The Difference Between Discount Dental Plans and Dental Insurance

A discount dental plan is a membership program for individuals and families who want to save cash on some of the expensive dental care procedures such as dental implants surgery. This plan is an affordable alternative to the traditional dental insurance.  You’re required to pay an annual fee – the amount differs from plan to plan- after which you get a membership card which allows you to receive dental services at discounted prices whenever you visit participating dental care providers.   Depending on the discount dental plan you choose, you can save 10%- 60% of the initial dental service cost.

Is a discount dental plan different from a dental insurance plan?

While both help you save money on your dental care, discount dental plans are not to be confused with dental insurance: These two plans have many differences regarding their benefits and payment options.  Like any other health insurance plans, dental insurance plans have co-pays, waiting period, deductibles, and paperwork and policy maximums. The insurance offsets your dental bill up to the stated premium

On the other hand, with a discount dental plan, there is no waiting period since most of the plans activate within three business days. Also, there are no annual maximums meaning that you get to enjoy dental services all year long. With discount dental plans, unlike the insurance plans, no one pays your dental expenses; you pay for yourself but at a significantly cheaper rate than the person without a plan.

What if you have an insurance plan already?

Having a dental insurance plan doesn’t disqualify you from using a discount dental plan. Although it’s impossible to use an insurance plan and a discount dental plan for the same procedure, you can organize with your dentist on how to coordinate treatment using both the insurance plan and the discount dental plan. Generally, not all dental services are covered by an insurance plan so for such, having a discount dental plan comes in handy. Furthermore, you can always use a discount dental plan once you have reached the annual maximum on your insurance plan.

Most families skip dental visits due to the expensive dental costs, yet dentists recommend that one should have at least 2 check-ups, 2 cleanings sand 1 set of x-rays annually. A discount dental plan helps you not miss these necessary dental procedures. Of importance is to find an ideal discount dental plan that suits your needs and budget.

Buy The All New Electric Blankets For Winter And Stay Away From Cold

Proper sleep is very important for every individual as without sleep your body will not feel active and will not work properly. Although, it is necessary to take sleep for 8 hours, but in winter it is not possible because of cold and breezy winds. So, if you want to sleep properly at night then you can consider electric blankets. They will keep you warm all night and will not allow cold wind to enter inside your blanket and disturb your sleep. These blankets have a switch attached in them through which you can control the inside temperature and can manage the warmth.

These blankets have many benefits and they are also beneficial for various health problems. It helps you in recovering from the symptoms of cold, cough, headache and many more. They are easily available in market or can also be purchased from online stores. They come in variety of colors, designs, fabric, patterns and textures. is one of the sites from where you can get reviews of the branded blankets which will help you in making your purchase decision. Here you can also compare prices and buy one up to your budget.

Benefit of using electric blankets

Advanced setting option: All the electric blankets have setting option through which you can manage the temperature and select it according to your requirement. They have on-off and timer button through which you can set the time limit and once it will get warm then you can switch it off manually or it will turn off automatically.

Helpful for muscle pain: It helps in reducing the muscle pain. By covering the painful area daily with the blanket, the pain will be reduced. The heat of the blanket will help you in reducing the soreness from muscles due to which your muscles will feel relaxed. It also helps in circulating blood properly to every part of the body. This happens due to the warmth and heat that keeps your body warm for several hours.

Beneficial for allergic people: There are many different types of allergies that arise due to dirt and dust. So, these blankets will also help you in solving this problem. The moisture which the blanket provides helps you in getting rid of the dirt mites. Due to dirt, problems such as asthma can arise that can turn into a serious problem. It can be reduced or can be stopped immediately by using the blanket. It helps you in reducing the symptoms and will also help in resolving other environmental stress and problems.

Top Lipstick Shades for Winter, and How to Nail the Perfect Look

Globally, there is no makeup product that is more dearly loved than lipstick. Some people maintain a signature shade that they apply religiously, while others uphold a wide range of shades that they put on regular rotation. However, when cold weather kicks in, most of us change to a low-maintenance lipstick routine. The bad thing is you might find yourself stuck in this mode even when winter is long over. The solution? Turn on the glam by throwing on one of the favorite lipstick colors recommended by

Ingris by NARS

Imagine stepping out with your lips a deep, dark red color with a sultry radiant finish. The lipstick is packed with moisturizer to keep your lips soft in this time when lip cracking is second nature. Wear it on a night out to bring out the provocative hues, irresistible to your admirers.

Easy to apply, you can also choose the lipstick when planning to travel. It is also long wearing, helping you preserve your look for hours on end.

Bite Beauty amuse Bouche in Molasses

Expect extreme moisture, creamy wear for hours and soft texture when you apply this lipstick. The citrus-like scent adds a luxurious feel to the whole coat. The lipstick spreads over your lips in a silky smooth way, staying compact and even all day. You don’t have to fear the shade if you are of fair skin. This shade is perfectly balanced and not so far in the orange spectrum.

Smashbox Black Cherry Be Legendary

You add to your day a deep berry with just a hint of red undertones. The lipstick gives you a fine shimmer that is just the right shade without seeming metallic. The texture is smooth with some slip, meaning you can apply it without the annoying tug on the lips. Five hours or more are guaranteed for this shade, complete with hydrating properties that keep your lips moist and soft all through.

Takeaway Tips to Nail the Look

Even with the perfect shade of lipstick, you need to add in some details to complete the look. Pair the dark lipstick with neutral colors and some eyeliner. Blush gives the arrangement a rosy tone. Use a dark lip liner to add some definition to your lips. Liner also makes your lipstick to stand out and helps you achieve different looks with the same shade of lipstick. You can add some lip gloss to add some shine for a provocative look.