Best Instagram Posting Practices

Best Instagram Posting Practices

If you really want people to get back to your Instagram profile you need to do a little more than just taking a photo and blindly posting it. People expect that from you, I just spoke with a photographer (a professional one), about the packages he offers, a price of two thousand dollars for five hours of shooting is rather normal so I said to him: ‘Hey, quite a lucrative business you got set up for yourself don’t you?”, to which he frowned and said he spent many hours of editing before delivering a finished product to his clients and I was like wow. Never ever thought about that.

So editing is the first thing you have to do and if you don’t know how photoshop works you know what to do. Get an online course and master it before you even think about becoming an Instagram celebrity in your niche as it doesn’t work that way.

Captions are a must do as well, but don’t over do it when you are just starting out when you have a few dozen followers no one cares about what you put in those captions, simply because they don’t care about you. In this early phase, you should only use short to-the-point descriptions what the photo is about, limit it to say 3-7 words.

Now if you become a little more famous you can make the transformation to become a micro-blogger as what they call it. People start to get hungry for some background information but starting off that way is the worst thing you can do, you really need to build this up.

When it comes to captions you also need a story to tell, that’s either entertaining, funny, or informative, some random blah blah won’t get you very far and people will feel they just wasted their time, this is something you must avoid at all costs so really give this some thought before you start filling it with a bunch of words that no one wants to read.

Another crucial thing not to miss is to include a call to action in your caption. People need to be told what to do next, if you don’t they just hopped over to the next Instagram account and if your main aim is to make some money from this platform you need to treat it like a sales funnel. Point them at your website, get them to opt-in for a more in-depth guide or whatever it is you are doing. Recurring contact is the golden key to make money online.

Never forget that.