Benefits of manual meat grinder – price, reliability, simplicity.

In the majority of modern houses, it is possible to see the most up-to-date household appliances, including meat grinders. With help of such tools, it is possible to prepare any product easily and quickly – to turn meat into forcemeat, to chop vegetables and even to squeeze out the juice. However, the manual meat grinder, which price is still a serious argument has not completely fallen into the past. Yes, a large number of the serious companies (like STX and other) are engaged in the production of electric meat grinders. But nevertheless, many people consider that the manual meat grinder, which price is very serious plus still have not become a useless addition to the kitchen equipment. So it will be useful to learn about advantages of the manual meat grinder. Whether it will be able to become the best option for crushing of products?

The mechanical meat grinder principle of operation is very simple.

The mechanical meat grinder is put into action by means of the handle. The device is fixed on the edge of a table. For this purpose, the bottom of the case is equipped with legs with rubber slips and a screw clip.

The last, twisting, densely presses legs to a table-top that prevents device shift in operating time.

The handle twists a helicoid shaft on which products arrive and rotates a knife. Adjoining to a lattice, knife blades crush a product, and it comes out through openings.

What are the advantages of the manual meat grinder?

Certainly, one of the main pluses of the manual meat grinder is a price. After all, even the simplest electric meat grinders which do not have additional nozzles and functions cost from two hundred dollars. Yes, on the one hand, it is not too large sum and any person is able to spend it once for simplification of work in the kitchen. But on the other hand, if you buy the manual meat grinder, the price will be lower. It is easy to find the website or shop where it is possible to buy the new and high-quality meat grinder for only twenty dollars. That is why low price is a decisive factor for many To find more about the difference between manual and electric meat grinder visit Prepping Meat.

How can the manual meat grinder serve?

Many people after learning that manual meat grinders have low cost, decide that they differ in poor quality and would not be able to serve for a really long time. Actually it at all not a true. The matter is that the manual meat grinder differs in simplicity and even primitiveness of production. There are no difficult components. Only standard iron or steel parts. Therefore such meat grinder will be able to serve for very long time.