3 Instagram Goals for You to Set

Signing up for an Instagram account is a brilliant decision. With an Instagram account, your brand can establish a name for itself. And ultimately, it can grow and be the next big thing.

But, if you think signing up for an Instagram account will magically reward you with fame and fortune, you’re mistaken. You have to pave the way to success by yourself. After all, owning an Instagram account is just the start.

Unless you set some goals and follow through, you might not get far. Here are some goals that you should consider setting.

1. Increase Your Website’s Traffic

This should be one of your first goals. For starters, simply place a link to your website on your bio.

That way, people who visit your Instagram profile can choose to direct themselvesĀ to your website. If they want to know more information about you, they will either browse your feed or visit the link on your bio. They may even do both.

Beyond that, go all out with your brand’s marketing strategy. You can create and then post content that contains a link to your website.

And since Instagram allows sponsorships, you may also boost your post (that contains a link to your website). Boosting a post simply means you will be paying for a specific post to appear and reach more audiences.

2. Create New Leads

Additionally, make it a point to reach out to a target audience. Instead of just marketing to random audiences, market to the people with a genuine interest in your brand.

Marketing to a target audience is an effective way of getting new leads. Since your target audience is composed of people who are interested in your brand, you’re more likely to get them to pay for your offer.

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3. Raise Brand Awareness

And on top of it all, don’t set aside the importance of brand awareness. Yes, you should definitely raise brand awareness and yes, Instagram is an ideal venue to make it happen.

Brand awareness equates to popularity. And as social media’s rules dictate, the more popular your brand is, the more people are willing to invest in it. Just make sure your brand’s reputation is positive as you raise awareness for it.


Don’t forget that owning an Instagram account (as well as other social media accounts) is a responsibility. Since you want it to significantly help in elevating your brand, you need to handle it with care.

And of course, a genius way to do that is to set and follow through certain goals.